Curriculum Subjects

Our curriculum is unique to us. It is well organised with clear intent. We appoint and develop staff to ensure that we have expert teachers who implement plans which meet our intention to provide every pupil with the best learning experience. 

The curriculum is developed progressively with a balance between knowledge and skills. 

One subject judged to be Excellent is RE; SIAMS 2019 found that:

'Teaching of RE relentlessly explores and unpicks the biblical roots of the vision. Pupils say ‘we are God’s people, we are his work. He makes us to do the right thing.’ Children seamlessly relate their learning to Christian values and their own lives. Pupils are God’s workmanship in practice. They have a sound understanding of the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity, describing Jesus as ‘the form of God on earth’. The dedicated staff team constantly enrich pupils’ religious literacy. They challenge, extend thinking and nurture independent, questioning individuals. Faith leaders praise the articulate and informed way pupils explore the beliefs of others. Pupils ask searching questions and enter into respectful dialogue with interest. The rich and vibrant learning environment exemplifies the high quality and depth of pupils’ responses to the mission of the school.'

'The quality of teaching and learning in RE is excellent. Subject leadership is strong. RE is taught using a range of pedagogical approaches. Strong links across the curriculum deepen understanding. Children studied Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ painting, deepening their thoughts around Holy week. RE teaching provides an abundance of opportunities for children to ask and ponder ‘big questions’ about life and death. The rigorous assessment system and careful planning around core concepts, religious literacy and major world faiths and world views ensure all pupils make good or better progress. As part of its innovative approach to making improvements, leaders are looking to improve the efficiency of recording assessment electronically in line with RE’s place as a core subject. Children have a deep knowledge, and understanding of, a wide range of stories from the Bible. They talk confidently about how Christians strive to live out the values the life of Jesus teaches them about. They can relate these Christian values articulately to their own lives.'

'Pupils access a plethora of spiritual development opportunities across the curriculum. A camping trip enabled pupils to build resilience and immerse themselves in the natural world. Pupils engage in articulate and considered dialogue around the Christian vision, a range of beliefs and social issues. They demonstrate maturity in their ability to disagree well and resolve conflict. ‘Heartsmart’ impacts tangibly on pupils’ character development and emotional health. Relationships and sex education (RSE) impacts well on pupils’ attitudes to diversity. Pupils speak knowledgeably about different kinds of families and how all are special in their own right.'

We aim for excellence in all subjects. The Curriculum Statements below tell you more about our intent in each subject, how we implement our curriculum and the impact on learning.

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