Year 3 2022 - 2023

Miss Brook

Autumn Term 

Class teacher: Miss Brook      Teaching assistant: Miss Rothwell

English, we are focusing this term on our spelling within our work. Where possible can you ask your children to put their spellings into sentences, this will help them to understand the vocab they are developing and how to construct this word into a sentence that can be later written within their work. We will also have a huge focus on editing and improving our work, the children may be given a sentence for their morning activity and with a green pen are to spot the mistakes within my writing - this can also be done at home to help with further development.

Maths: our focus this term is turns and angles, multiplication/division and a continuation of telling the time. We ask that you ask your child the time on a regular basis on analgoue, digital and roman numeral clocks. We also ask that you ask them questions regarding the time: what time will it be in 20 minutes etc. 

Please continue to encourage children to learn their timestables. We have been listening to timestable songs through youtube to help us remember. We encourage the children to learn their timestables by saying:
1 x 4 = ?
2 x 4 = ? etc.

Don't move on to develop another times table until your child is confident with both the multiplication and the division facts.

Excellent websites to use to help develop times tables:

Watch the videos below to listen to the same songs we listen to in class.


Additional information:

Week A: PE with me on a Monday PM and Swimming on Tuesday PM
Week B: PE with sports coach on Wednesday AM and Swimming on Tuesday PM

Reading books:
Books will be handed out every Friday and we ask that these are returned by Wednesday as this will give us the chance to check their reading activity, change their book and have them ready for Friday.

If I send homework home, this will be sent home on Friday and to be returned by Wednesday again giving us the chance to check it, mark it and have it ready for Friday for the next piece.


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