Governing Body

Members of the Governing Body at St. Michael's are appointed to their postions by one of the bodies linked to school ie. the parents, the PCC, the Local Authority, by the Rt Rev the Bishop of Middleton for the Diocesan Role, by staff, or are ex-officio such as for the Headteacher and Vicar. Elected positions have a term of office lasting 4 years.

Date of Appointment/ re-appointment for those serving more than one term:

17-10-18                    Mr. David Symonds: Chair of Governors, Foundation- PCC 

04-09-16                    Mrs. Lindsey Wilson-Willis: Vice-Chair, Foundation- PCC, Chair of Staffing and Finance        

01-09-13                    Mrs. Melanie Barratt: Headteacher ex-officio

14-09-15                    Mr. Ian Risby: Deputy Headteacher- Co-opted

14-11-18                    Mrs. Gillian James: Chair of Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee, Staff

06-07-18                    Mrs Beverley Heyworth: Local Authority appointed    

23-01-17                    Councillor Jane Howard: Foundation- PCC

23-01-17                    Mrs.Jane Gartside: Foundation- PCC

                                  Mrs. Jill Din: Foundation- PCC

26-04-17                    Mrs. Andrea Sarginson:Diocesan- PCC                                  

04-12-15                    Mrs. Sarah Marsh: Foundation- PCC

01-09-16                    Revd Jason Powell: Church ex-officio

30-10-18                    Mrs. Elizabeth Gudgeon: Parent

01-11-18                    Mr Steve Kuncewizc: Parent

12-06-17                    Mr John Knott: Parent

 07-02-20                   Dr Richard Fitton: Parent

The Structure and Responsibilities of the Governing Body

In a Voluntary Aided School like St. Michael's Bamford, a majority of the governing body is made up of Foundation Governors, who are appointed by the Church with a duty to include maintaining the Church of England character of the school in their overall governance. The Vicar or Priest in Charge of a parish is automatically a foundation governor.


The Voluntary Aided School Governing Body are the employers of the staff. Staffing is paid for from the delegated budget under very similar terms and conditions of service to all maintained schools.


Voluntary Aided Schools are their own admissions authority. Annually they must decide on their admission arrangements, and consult other admissions authorities and the Diocesan Director of Education when there are substantial changes. However, like all other authorities they are bound by the Admissions Guidance from the Department for Children Schools and Families, which is designed to produce fair and understandable admissions. Nevertheless, the Guidance permits Voluntary Aided schools to admit children on the grounds of the parents’ or the children’s’ practice of their faith and the details for this are decided by the Governing Body.

Committee Structure

In addition to termly meetings of the Full Governing Body, committee meeting are held, also termly, to look in greater detail at the various aspects of leading the school. These committees are:

  • Staffing and Finance
  • Curriculum and Pupil Welfare
  • Buildings

There are also committees for admissions, complaints, teacher pay awards and others that meet as needed during the school year. Policies reviewed and information considered in committee is then agreed by the full Governing Body.